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Technical Report Route Synopsis

The Synopsis is the first stage of the Technical Report Route. It is split into four sections:

  1. An outline of the proposed report, including the planned structure with headings (i.e. a draft contents list).
  2. Where and how you will include the underpinning science and mathematics and associated building services engineering disciplines. 
  3. Where and how you will include engineering analysis. 
  4. Where and how you will demonstrate design awareness. 

The maximum word count for the Synopsis is 1,000 words and each section should be approximately 250 words.

Download the synopsis template

Once completed the synopsis should be included in your application. Along with details of your sponsor and the review fee of £110.

Synopses are reviewed every month. But the whole process can take up to eight weeks.


Submit Your Synopsis

You can submit your synopsis here.

  • You should have your template ready to upload. 
  • Your Sponsor's name and email
  • Debit or Credit Card the £110 application fee is now payable
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