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Carrier - Building Automation Solutions: Fit for 2050

Fit for 2050

When it comes to balancing comfort and energy efficiency, insights and data are incredibly important. To be fit for 2025, we contribute to delivering buildings that perform within a net zero built environment. Our software solutions (WebCTRL® and i-Vu) facilitate that all stakeholders within a building, can easily visualise, analyse and optimise historical and predictive insights and real-time data. This is how we contribute to the digital transformation of equipment, systems and facilities in every building in the world.

As part of Carrier, we’re inspiring confidence in a healthy, safe, sustainable and intelligent world. As a global leader in intelligent climate and energy solutions, we innovate to address the needs of people and our planet.

Buildings are more than just places to work, learn and collaborate. With the right approach, they provide opportunities for improving health and safety, meeting sustainability objectives and driving efficiency and progress.

With a range of intuitive products and a network of over 80 authorized partners across Europe, we enhance the way our customers control and monitor heating, air conditioning, lighting and other essential building functions.

Together, we can create innovative building management solutions that optimize operations, ensure occupant comfort and make buildings better.

When it comes to managing your intelligent building, it’s all about having the tools to achieve optimization across all areas. Our building automation system was designed to provide exactly that. From putting intuitive dashboards and reports right at your fingertips to anticipating system issues so technicians can quickly address them, we give you the power to monitor and control your building like never before.

With wide-ranging support for major communication protocols, we unlock new possibilities for the way you control and optimize your building. Its server software runs locally or in the cloud – and supports a range of database types so you can take full advantage of the latest web technologies and share data with enterprise or third-party systems.

Our building automation systems put your entire building right at your fingertips with easy and secure browser-based access from any desktop computer, tablet or cell phone – all without the need for any add-on software. And with its intuitive navigation and graphical user interface, you can respond to alerts or make tweaks and optimizations faster, no matter where you are.

When it comes to balancing comfort and efficiency, information is power. We make it easy by providing the native tools to help you measure, analyze and compare data throughout your building.

Key Features and Benefits
• Supports BACnet Secure Connect (BACnet/SC), a secure, encrypted datalink layer designed to meet the requirements and constraints of IP infrastructures
• Fully compatible with Automated Logic legacy systems and products since the introduction of our first building automation system in 1984
• Integrated ASHRAE Guideline 36-compliant Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) to help anticipate, provide insight, and automatically respond to building issues
• Innate ACxelerate™ VAV Auto-Commissioning tool automates commissioning of VAV terminal units, reducing commissioning time and ensuring proper operation
• Inherent Indoor Environmental Quality Index (IEQ) calculates and displays the overall indoor environmental quality and health of the building
• Powerful Time-lapse™ graphics for analyzing and troubleshooting up to 24 hours of past building operation
• Haystack-compatible semantic tagging automatically assigns standard reference names to equipment data
• Dynamic color, Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) floorplans provide a quick overview of building conditions
• Powerful, comprehensive building management with intuitive, point-and-click graphical access
• Readily participates in energy rebate programs using the OpenADR® 2.0 protocol
• Internet Protocol Versions IPv6 and IPv4 are supported
• Easily use BAS data in enterprise systems with MQTT

Written by Meta Gro-Coenen

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