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Energy-Using Product of the Year

Lighting Platform
Redwood Systems

Lighting Platform BPA 2013 Winner
Commercial buildings account for approximately 17% of all electricity consumed in the UK, with lighting accounting for an average of 25% of that load.

Few companies have adopted the types of lighting control systems that can reduce their carbon footprint and save money, largely because traditional technologies are limited in their capabilities and are costly and time-consuming to install.

Redwood Systems has invented an entirely new way to power and control commercial lighting that converts AC power to safe, efficient DC power, resulting in best-in-class energy savings averaging 75%, dramatically lower installation costs, and a constant stream of strategic data on space utilisation for facility professionals. Redwood’s technology addresses a building’s overall performance through its fine-grained sensor technology that provides detailed occupancy and temperature data used for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning control, optimisation of space, and even security and safety. It has created the first entirely low-voltage intelligent lighting control system that both powers and controls lights through a single category cable. In doing so, it has replaced three separate systems to power, control and measure lighting output with a single integrated system, as well as incorporating sensors for data collection.

Other benefits include precise measurement and validation of power; contribution to sustainability credits; dramatically lower installation costs (typically 35% to 50%); and an integrated building intelligence system, including a sensor measuring light levels, occupancy, motion and temperature at each light fixture; reduced lighting maintenance costs; and reducing heating load.

Redwood’s clients include Facebook, Volkswagen, Microsoft and Google, and it recently entered the European market after developing a new Redwood Engine compatible with European voltages and light fittings. The product received the CE mark for meeting European safety standards related to telecommunications and lighting.


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