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Knowledge Management Committee Member

21 Jan 24

The Knowledge Management Committee (KMC) is a Standing Committee of the Board responsible for implementing the knowledge strategy of the Institution.

KMC is responsible for the development and maintenance of CIBSE knowledge and for management and financial control of the delivery and peer review process. It is responsible for measuring and assessing the value and impacts of CIBSE Knowledge outputs on all subjects and in all formats. KMC is also responsible for managing the CIBSE Research Fund and for engaging a broader cross-section of CIBSE’s global membership in knowledge delivery.

The functions of KMC are supported and informed by the Knowledge Generation Panel (KGP).

Committee Constitution

Committee members should represent a range of age, gender, background, experience and expertise, and include participation from different sectors and specialisms involved in the performance of buildings throughout their whole lifecycle.

  • KMC comprises up to 9 members. Additional members may be co-opted to support specific projects. 
  • Members are appointed for a three year period. At the end of this period they may be reappointed for a further three year period, however, a balance between retaining expertise and bringing in fresh ideas is sought. 
  • The Chair of the Committee is appointed by the CIBSE Board for a three-year term.
  • The Board is also responsible for appointing members of KMC but may delegate this responsibility to the Committee itself.

Member Appointment

To be considered for appointment to KMC, applicants should normally be in full CIBSE membership and must be able to commit their time to participate in meetings, either in person or remotely. Applications from affiliate members or non-members will be considered by exception.

Attributes of members include:

  • Enthusiasm for championing all aspects of building performance.
  • Awareness of sector knowledge needs and the latest developments in the industry.
  • Experience in programme management, strategic decision making and financial control.
  • Experience in using or contributing to CIBSE knowledge, guidance and research.

Application to join the Committee requires submission of a CV and short personal statement via email to [email protected]

KMC will meet four times a year and virtual meeting facilities will be available.

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