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Qualification Assessment

If you want to apply for Professional Registration with the Engineering Council there are academic requirements to do so via the standard membership route with CIBSE.

For Chartered Engineer (CEng) one of the following:

For Incorporated Engineer (IEng) one of the following:

For Engineering Technician (EngTech) one of the following:


UK qualifications

If you have a UK qualification, you can check if it is accredited on the Engineering Council's Course Search.

International qualifications

If you hold an international qualification, it may still be accredited for Engineering Council registration.

If your qualification is from within the EU, the FEANI database holds information on engineering courses which the Engineering Council recognise. Find out more.

We also recognise qualifications awarded by institutions from countries that have signed either the Washington Accord, the Sydney Accord, or Dublin Accord. Find out more.

Is your qualification accredited?

If you'd like to perform a quick qualification accreditation check, please email [email protected]. Our team will need to store your data to process it against our records. If your qualification is not accredited, please apply for a qualification assessment below.

What if my qualification is not accredited?

There are many reasons why your qualification may not be accredited. It could be related to the date of your course or the format in which the course was delivered.

Another reason could be that your qualification is not accredited because it was delivered by a region that hasn't signed up to any of the accords listed above.

This will not necessarily prevent you from applying for professional registration with the Engineering Council, but we recommend you undertake a qualification assessment first.

What is a qualification assessment?

You should apply for a qualification assessment if your qualification is found to not be accredited. You will be asked to submit your certificate and transcripts to be independently assessed by our individual case procedure (ICP) panel. The panel will review your case and decide if you meet the requirements for professional registration. 

Please note, the panel meets on average every six weeks, and it can take up to eight weeks from submitting your assessment to getting your results.


Apply for a Qualification Assessment

You will need the following:

  • A copy of your original qualification certificate(s)
  • Transcripts of studies 
  • Translations into English if the course was not in English
  • Your CV

Member rate: Free
Non-member rate: £90

If you apply for a CIBSE membership within the six months following your assessment the £90 fee will be waived from your membership fee.

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