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Technical Report Route (TRR)

The Technical Report Route (TRR) is the second part of the alternative route to membership.

This is for applicants who already hold ACIBSE or MCIBSE and want to add professional registration to their membership of IEng or CEng.

Institute of Refrigeration applicants are not required to hold CIBSE Membership and start straight with the TRR Application/Synopsis.

Before you can apply via this route you must already have followed the below route:

There are two ways to follow the Alternative route.

The first is to obtain an accredited MSc. The second is via the Technical Report.


The Technical Report is separate from and, in addition to, the Engineering Practice report which is a requirement for CIBSE Membership.  It can only be submitted after the application for MCIBSE has been processed and approved.

 As an applicant, your Technical report should evidence that you have the equivalent level of Engineering knowledge and understanding as someone with an MEng degree.

The report itself should be a critical exposition of some aspect of building services engineering.  Successful applicants demonstrate that they can define the technical problems they have faced and can also show how these problems have been overcome by applying engineering principles and their knowledge of building services engineering fundamentals.

The purpose of the report is that you are able to show that you have acquired the breadth and depth of knowledge and that the skills you have are equivalent  to MEng.

Submit Your Synopsis

You can submit your synopsis here.

  • You should have your template ready to upload. 
  • Your Sponsor's name and email
  • Debit or Credit Card the £110 application fee is now payable
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Useful information

Synopsis Template

Download your synopsis template below.

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Technical Route Report Coversheet

Download your TRR coversheet below.

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Sample Reports and Synopsis

Your synopsis and report demonstrate your knowledge and skills.

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