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For new T&D schemes

Advisory meeting

For newer schemes or those that are unsure of the process, CIBSE offers an advisory meeting to take place prior to the approval visit. A T&D Panel member and CIBSE secretariat can meet with key staff involved, answer any questions, and provide an early view of the scheme’s documentation if appropriate.

The application 

Once your scheme is in place with current trainees, the next step is to submit your documentation. You will need to complete and return an application form alongside your scheme documentation, containing all of the information outlined in the T&D Manual for Companies.

Submission for approval

You will need to complete the T&D application form and submit the following documentations one month before your visit:

  1. Identification of the scheme
  2. Aims of the scheme
  3. The Trainee profile
  4. The scheme environment: personnel and resource
  5. Content of the scheme
  6. Collaboration with further education/higher education and further learning
  7. Mentoring and support
  8. Supervision and assessment of trainees
  9. Quality assurance and future plans

Your submission will be initially reviewed by the T&D Panel. If they are satisfied with the information provided, an approval visit can be arranged.

The visit

Approval visits usually last around four hours and will include a presentation from your company, meetings with key scheme staff, trainees and mentors, and feedback from the Visiting Panel members. 

Approval fee

Please contact [email protected], for a quote on you approval fee. 

After the visit

The Visiting Panel complete a report, which is presented to the CIBSE Training & Development Panel at their next meeting. The Panel review the report and consider the Visiting Panel's recommendation. You will be informed of the outcome following the Panel meeting. 

Once your scheme is approved

If your scheme is approved you will receive a certificate from CIBSE confirming the approval and any requirements that need to be met.

The approval is normally awarded for three years and you’ll be required to send an annual self-assessment (SAR) report to keep us informed of any changes to the scheme. Your scheme will be listed on CIBSE's website and you will be able to use the CIBSE Approved Scheme logo on promotional material.

Training & Development Company Manual

Information on how to set up a scheme can be found in our Training & Development Company Manual

T&D Manual March 2024
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Ready to apply?

For more information and to arrange an approval visit, email CIBSE Membership at [email protected]

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