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This award recognises examples of collaborative working that have delivered outstanding outcomes on single or multiple new-build, refurbishment, design or maintenance projects. It rewards the use of integrated processes that deliver excellent measured building performance in terms of user satisfaction and comfort, energy and carbon, health and wellbeing, and whole-life value.

Winner: ESFA School Building Framework Project - Bowmer + Kirkland (B+K)/Integrated Environmental Solutions (IES)

A ‘non-typical collaboration’ that directly addressed the performance gap in a user-friendly way helped Bowmer + Kirkland (B&K) and Integrated Environmental Solutions (IES) win this award for their ESFA School Building Framework Project.
For the first time, a main contractor (B&K), building performance analysis consultant (IES) and BMS controls subcontractor (iBMS) came together to tackle the performance gap as part of an integrative process.
They refined the way data was collected and transmitted from several ESFA schools, to achieve more granular operational insights that could be understood easily by all stakeholders. The team then used this data to create energy profiles for the schools, which could be fed back into the IES Virtual Environment (VE) building simulation software.
Many projects already use IES-VE to model a building during the design phase. By integrating iSCAN, however, this collaboration closed the loop and brought real-world data back into the existing model for cross-comparison and validation that the buildings did operate as intended. The partners have now developed a framework with the principle aim of eliminating the performance gap.
The judges were impressed by the way the team came together ‘to identify and resolve real challenges applicable to an important sector, education’. They noted that the trio had ‘assessed a wide range of metrics relatable to non-technical stakeholders’ and that ‘the potential for other applications, was very strong’.
Project team:
Main contractor: Bowmer + Kirkland
Project manager: Integrated Environmental Solutions
Controls company: iBMS

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Park View Student Village - Desco (Design & Consultancy)