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CCA Commissioning Code A: Air distribution systems (1996)
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CCA Commissioning Code A: Air distribution systems (1996)

Standard Rate
£80.00  +VAT
Member Rate
Standard Rate
£100.00  +VAT
Member Rate
£50.00  +VAT

Commissioning Code A deals with the stages that must be gone through in order to commission a typical air distribution system.

The Code includes sections on the preliminary checks that need to be made, the regulation of air flow, relevant documentation and witnessing.

Please note that this Code was published in August 1996, but was reviewed and confirmed in August 2006.

Steering Committee: G H Peters (chair), J Coppin (Ove Arup & Partners), T S Day (Commissioning Management Ltd.); R Gooding (Secretary) (Commissioning Specialists’ Association); A T Muggleton (JPS Environmental Services Ltd.); J O’Grady (O’Grady Technical Services); R J Oughton (F C Foreman & Partners); G H Peters (Chairman) (Applied Energy Ltd.)

TPC Liaison: D D Lawrence (formerly Laing Technology Group Ltd)

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