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Application deadlines and timeline

Non-UK based applicants can apply at any time in the year except for applicants from Australia and New Zealand who have four dates a year they can apply. (Please refer to sub-page, Australia and New Zealand region). 

On average, we aim to complete a professional application for non-UK based applicants between 3-4 months from submission to panel results. (Those based in Hong Kong may take slightly longer dependant on resources).

To give you an idea of how an application is processed and the timeline involved in that process we have included the UK standard route below as an example:

Example of the UK Standard route timeline:

    February August
1 Your application will be reviewed by CIBSE staff 4-6 weeks from receipt of application 4-6 weeks from receipt of application 
2 CIBSE start arranging your interview From mid March From mid September
3 Official interview confirmation sent by email. 2 weeks prior to interview 2 weeks prior to interview
4 Interviews are held April & May October & November
5 Membership & Registration panel meet End of May End of November
6 You will be notified of your application result by email.  By mid June By mid December
7 Welcome pack send by post. 2-4 weeks 2-4 weeks


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