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Technical report interview

The Interview

Applicants are given at least two weeks notice for their interview and are asked to upload any requested documents a week in advance.

Before the interview applicants must prepare a presentation for the Technical report.  Noting any feedback that the interviewers have supplied on their report. Applicants are also asked to resubmit their Engineering practice report with an addendum of any updates for Competences. Applicants should also upload a scan of some photo ID.

The interview will last about one hour and is split into two sections.  The first part of the interview the applicant gives their presentation (15-20 minutes) and discusses it with the interviewers. Once this is complete there is a pause where the interviewers decide whether the applicant has met the technical report criteria and can advance to the Professional review stage of the interview.

The professional review section of the interview reviews the Engineering Practice report and addendum with a focus on Competences C-E.

Once the interview is completed the mark sheets are reviewed by the Membership and Registration Panel.

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