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Networking for your Career

CIBSE YEN London Centre presents... 
‘Networking for your Career’ 
5 th  March 2014 
By Jairo A Jaramillo 
It was with a great sense of pride that I saw the final event of my Chairmanship turn out to be a very successful one, thanks in large part to William Littlewood, a long time YEN London contributor from Mitsubishi Electric UK.  Thanks to help from his generous employer, William was able to secure the services of Andy Lopata, a world-renowned expert at networking and adviser to various FTSE 100 companies and large multi-national organisations. 

Held within the impressive surroundings of the 8-Club in the heart of the Square Mile, ‘Networking for your Career’ was YEN London’s attempt to provide some ‘soft skills’ training that is often missing from more technical CPDs.  The event will go down as one of the fastest sold out we have ever had and I was delighted to welcome over 25 attendees to witness a great presentation by Andy, full of humourous anecdotes, common sense tips and most interestingly, large amounts of myth debunking about what it means to effectively network.  Brave participants took part in the various group exercises and the evening was rounded off with plenty of high-quality food and drink provided courtesy of Mitsubishi. 

Probably the best measure of the event’s success was the amount of people that stayed on afterwards to practice their newly learnt skills.  I have never seen so many people (probably over 90% of attendees) staying on for over an hour and half post-event and it was a real pleasure to meet new faces, catch up with old ones and generally have YEN London bask in the warm glow of a great event.  Since this event took place the YEN London committee has had several additions to its ranks as well as several comments of ‘That was great, what are you doing next?’!  Certainly a new dilemma but a nice one to have and YEN London looks forward to keeping up the high standards set by ‘Networking for your Career’. 

My thanks for a fantastic event go to William Littlewood and Mitsubishi Electric UK, whose generosity allowed YEN London to hire a speaker of Andy Lopata’s calibre and also provide extensive food and drink to a thrilled audience.