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CIBSE Careers Panel

Purpose of Committee and frequency of meetings:

The Careers Panel is appointed by the Education Training & Membership Committee and shall report to it.
The Panel shall consist of a Chair, who will report to the Education, Training & Membership Committee, and up to ten further members.

  • Appropriate external members may be co-opted to the Panel as determined by the Chair.
  • A quorum shall be no fewer than three members.
  • Members are appointed for one year and, normally, will serve for not longer than 5 consecutive years.
  • The Panel year runs from May until April, in line with the Institution’s committee year.
  • The Panel will normally meet twice a year.

Terms of Reference:

  1. To be responsible for monitoring the delivery of the Institution’s Careers Development Strategy.

  2. To make recommendations to ET&M on developing the Careers Strategy, in the context of the Institution’s overall Strategic Plan.

  3. To work in partnership with external construction and engineering careers promotion bodies and organisations.

Committee Membership

David Cooper FCIBSE – Chair
Colin Bowen MCIBSE
Lindsay Gillespie - The BESA
Austim Williamson FCIBSE 
Andrew Saville FCIBSE
Abigail Roberts - YEN
Stephanie Pieri - YEN
Becci Taylor FCIBSE
Aimee Welch - Engineering UK
Neil Weller FCIBSE

Responsible: Angela Ringguth - Professional Development Consultant         

Department: Membership