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CIBSE Inclusivity Panel

CIBSE Inclusivity Panel - shaping the future of CIBSE and the building services profession for improved business performance

Many organisations in the construction and engineering worlds are recognising that we need to improve inclusivity, and CIBSE is no exception. The CIBSE Board has established a Panel to 'advise and support the Institution on all elements of diversity', recognising that some groups are under-represented in our membership and in the profession as a whole.  

Mission Statement

The Panel developed the following mission statement:

'We acknowledge that those from low income backgrounds and disabled people, certain ethnic minorities and women are currently under-represented within Engineering. This panel will advise and support CIBSE on all elements of diversity in order to provide an open and truly representative Institution across both its membership and within the internal operations of CIBSE. To identify the barriers to entry and progression and find ways of working together to influence behavioural change to remove these barriers. To embed further collaboration, inclusion, fairness and respect, so influencing these underrepresented groups within their own organisations in collaboration with others, to do the same'. 

Terms of Reference – Inclusivity Panel


To advise and engage with the Board on:
·         all matters relating to diversity, equality and inclusion - with a view to improving organisational awareness and performance in these areas amongst both staff and the global membership;
·         CIBSE's obligations under the Diversity in Engineering Concordat by engaging with frameworks proposed by the Royal Academy of Engineering’s Diversity and Inclusion team and, where beneficial, other professional institutions;
·         the prioritisation of  inclusivity issues which have particular relevance to CIBSE, together with plans for addressing these issues.


·         Chair appointed by the Board
·         Up to nine other members, to include representation from CIBSE membership and at least one serving Board member
·         Specialists may be co-opted, as determined by the Chair, to a maximum of three at any one time
·         A member of staff that is relevant to the agenda items will be in attendance at all meetings
·         Appropriate training will be provided for all Committee members


1.       To recommend to the Board actions to increase and improve inclusion within the Institution and ensure the Institution meets its commitments to fairness and equal opportunities.
2.       To Monitor inclusion within the institution and assist the Board by advising on policies and initiatives to improve inclusion amongst the membership.
3.       To keep under review the Institution’s policy and practices relating to equality and diversity.
4.       Advise the CEO and CIBSE Board on the nature of the data to be collected from current members and applicants that may improve inclusion.
5.       To report to the Board annually and when requested including a list of committee members and any appointments to external organisations.
6.       Subject to the provisions of Regulation 50 to facilitate communications between CIBSE
and other relevant organisations, and to work in collaboration with them, to promote and
embed inclusion and diversity in the professions, engineering, construction and related sectors.
7.       To publicise and regularly showcase the work of inspirational building services engineers from under-represented groups.