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Guidance on transfer between grades

Members are strongly encouraged to progress upwards through the grades as they gain more qualifications and experience. When the member feels they have achieved the criteria set for the next grade and wishes to upgrade their membership, they should: 

  • Submit a summary letter to the SFE briefly describing their current grade and the grade for which they wish to be considered. 

They should: Identify the circumstances of their application for transfer e.g. additional qualifying experience (years and role) and/or qualifications recently gained. 

Describe how they believe this meets the requirements for that particular grade of membership as set out elsewhere on this site. 

  • Submit an update form F3 with a proposer.
  • Submit an updated scope of experience form countersigned by the proposer.
  • Supply evidence of new qualifications in the form of certificates. 
  • For applications for transfer to Member submit a technical report countersigned by the proposer. Refer to guidance on this site for the requirements this must meet.